With over 20 years of experience in Hong Kong and an extensive network in his native France and all over the world, Christian Pilard wishes to inspire your imagination and take you on an incredible journey into our beautiful world of secret treasures and vintage collectors pieces to enrich your soul and interior spaces.

MUSEUM CONCEPT was born from his passion for bringing you unique early 20th Century industrial furniture and decoration items, timeless earth treasures of fossils and minerals, and remarkable artist’s creations from around the globe in order to make your home, office or commercial premises a real museum. Create and personalise a place like no other where each piece tells a unique story that inspires you, your family, your friends and your customers. A healthy recipe for success and quality of life!

Christian Pilard and the MUSEUM CONCEPT team stay constantly in touch with skillful restoration workmen, passionate paleontologists, award-winning designers , world-class photographers, thrilling artists and outstanding conservationists. You can therefore expect the most spectacular elements of authentic industrial furniture, vintage lighting, original seating & unbelievable decoration items, the most incredible fossils & minerals, the most stunning photographs and the most astonishing certified replicas from the leading museum’s collections like our exclusive partnership with Le Louvre in Paris.

Imagine your home, office or commercial premises with the perfect mix of ambience and personality where you have a deep pleasure at looking at every single decoration piece around you, and where you can be continuously inspired and inspire others! A healthy recipe for success and quality of life!

MUSEUM CONCEPT work well with interior designers, architects, art lovers, collectors, sophisticated buyers, and also parents who want to energize their children with beautiful creations that will stimulate their imagination and curiosity to become collectors, scientists, artists or simply citizens of the world.

Because quality is a way of life, and customer satisfaction and respect are always a top priority, MUSEUM CONCEPT select only the best and most authentic pieces with excellence in mind. We are not interested with pale, expensive, mass produced copies that flood the market nowadays. We want to bring you genuine articles with a true soul and a unique history and identity.

Please do let us know the interior design concept you are working on or what you are looking for in the areas we are specialised in, and there is a good chance that we can source it for you and surprise you with exciting finds.