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“MUSEUM CONCEPT was born from my passion for bringing you unique early 20th Century industrial furniture and decoration items to the timeless earth treasures of fossils and minerals to remarkable artist’s creations from around the globe in order to make your home, office or commercial premises a real museum.

Create and personalise a place like no other where each piece tells a unique story that inspires you, your family, your friends and your customers. A healthy recipe for success and quality of life!”

Christian Pilard
Managing director, Museum Concept

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We have seen many beautiful tables at Museum Concept, but a gorgeous one like this, never. This 1880s long wagon coffee table is simply remarkable
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“Authenticity and unique style” is what makes MUSEUM CONCEPT so special. Every single piece of vintage industrial furniture and accessories we sell comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which makes your purchase a real investment.

We source one-of-a-kind items from the 1900’s to the 1960’s from France and beyond with outstanding history, aged patina and strong character that will beautifully transform your living spaces.

With integrity and passion, MUSEUM CONCEPT brings you carefully reclaimed and restored furniture, lighting, seating and decorative home accessories that you can proudly hand down from generation to generation.

Invest in your home decoration and don’t miss any opportunity as you will never find the same treasure again!

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At MUSEUM CONCEPT, you will only find authentic and high quality fossils & minerals from all over the world. They all come from our trusted network of specialists, and are legally collected and can be officially sold. We guarantee the authenticity of our specimen with a certificate and we will let you know if any repair work has been done.

Whether you are a keen collector or a passionate beginner, there is always something for you at MUSEUM CONCEPT with the best quality in mind. Whatever your level of investment, we are also able to advise and set up a full collection (including for children) and help transform part of your home or office into a personal museum.

Even one single display cabinet can make a huge difference. Whether simply viewing or studying fossils & minerals, it is an amazing experience bringing hours of enjoyment and relaxation into your home. It is also a great way to immerse children into the world of exploration and scientific knowledge. Our collection is constantly being updated, so watch out for new arrivals and rare pieces!

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Discover the exclusive MUSEUM CONCEPT collection and the best of the Louvre Museum official workshops with a range of certified products that can only inspire your love for Art.

As the guardian of the royal and then national heritage, the casting workshop has kept alive the greatest masterpieces in the history of creation for two hundred years. Reproductions of the world’s most famous sculptures are still made today according to original processes.

The Chalcography workshop was founded in 1797 and the most important copper plates came from the Cabinet of Engraved Plates of the King. The wonderful engravings from the Chalcography’s collections have constantly been enriched over the centuries with contemporary works.

Finally MUSEUM CONCEPT also offer you a selection of jewellery meeting the highest standards of quality, either as a reproduction of an ancient piece of jewellery, or as new creation inspired by a detail of a painting.

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MUSEUM CONCEPT is glad to welcome two masters of photography, Bertrand Kulik and Federico Veronesi. We are very excited to be able to offer you exclusive access to these fantastic artists and their majestic works of art!

French photographer Bertrand Kulik is both a concert violinist and a photographer and his pictures combine vivid colours with a strong sense of musical harmony to create powerful and unique images. His photographs of Paris, especially of the lightning storms over the Eiffel Tower, are some of his most exceptional works and have appeared in countless of magazines and TV shows all over the world.

Italian photographer Federico Veronesi is a magician of sunlight, clouds and dust. His amazing photographs reveal the powerful beauty of Africa’s wildlife. Each seductive image is like a painting drawn with the camera lens. His art will captivate you and instill a sense of strength, character and grace. Truly inspirational!

Most of the other artworks shown on the walls with our furniture are available for purchase as extremely durable metal prints. Different formats are possible which are printed directly onto 1.5 mm aluminium sheet made in the USA using the very best offset technology. This unique water resistant and lightweight medium will bring the likes of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh to life in your room.

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