This is a reproduction of a bronze from Auguste Rodin (1840-1917).

As an artist who adored women, because he adored nature, Rodin turned to women as his main subject of observation. He never started from predetermined subjects but chose, depending on the young women who posed for him, the postures likely to give the body the most expression. “I do not create”, he used to say, “I see and it is because I see that I am capable of making”.

The study of antique sculpture taught him that the more a form is condensed the more it acquires power. Life is in the contours, the soul of the sculpture is in the piece; all of sculpture is there.

Material: resin with bronze patina
Size : 22 x 19 x H 45 cm
Made in the « Département des Ateliers d’Art Moulage et Chalcographie, Le Louvre, Paris »

Video : The molding worshop at Musée du Louvre (in French)
Price : USD 515 / RMB 3,435 / HKD 3,999